The most presious thinking in Namazu laboratory 

Namazu laboratory is an enthusiastic science group focusing on related to materials used in micro/nano devices. With the goal of excellent originality and high quality, we are aiming for research that is useful to society and industry. Also, considering research as an educational side, Professor is enthusiastically working on the work every day with an emphasis on [the individual stands out while respecting the harmony of the group]. As a result, many students have been trained both physically and mentally.

Practical study !

In our laboratory, the students are ecpected to auquire punctual and sincere behavior in their activity at university to internalize expectation in the society. For example, professor send the students email regardless of the time of day or night, and the students aquire the habit to response it promtly and frexibly. Namazu laboratory believe and expect that the students could shape the habit in the society through their research activity.

Competent students !

Before enrolling in university, students seem to be judged through the general idea that academic ability equals deviation value. However, after enrolling in university, it is important to learn business ability in each life. The students are our property, and our laboratory should encourage their activity and groom for the substantial business person as personal resources.
For students
Why don't you experience the "micro/nano world" that can only be seen through a microscope and challenge unique research in our laboratory?
Namazu laboratory has some research development of new functions by creating nano (= 10⁻⁹ ) and micro (= 10⁻⁶ ) size mechanical structures in an electron microscope, measuring strength, and reducing the size of materials. We are conducting research on "small materials" such as having a microscope. When you hear the word "small material", it gives a sober impression, but it is used in electronic devices such as cell phones and personal computers around you, and transportation devices such as automobiles and airplanes.
Micro-nanomaterials, even if they are made of the same material, may behave different properties than when they are large in size. For example, the strength of single crystal silicon exceeds 10 GPa when it comes to nano size, which is several tens of times that of millimeter size. The real thrill of research in our laboratory is to investigate the new features brought about by "smallness" in detail using our unique experimental technology, and to lead to new discoveries and material production.
Namazu laboratory has the latest equipment and facilities such as scanning electron microscopes, focused ion beam devices, semiconductor processing devices, and simple clean rooms. In addition, there are many unique experimental techniques that measure the strength of nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes in SEM with the help of micromachines.
 For buisiness
Thank you for visiting our website. In Namazu laboratory, we are conducting research activities focusing on the development and evaluation of materials related to micro/nanodevices. In material making, our main work is the development of functional thin films using our own sputtering apparatus and the production of metal nanoparticles with an exothermic reaction function, and we are also promoting applied research using these. In material evaluation, we are developing original technologies for accurately measuring the mechanical properties of thin films and nanostructured materials, and conducting experimental research related to device reliability evaluation.
We hope that our research will contribute to the construction of a safe and secure society in Japan and the health and peace of humankind. It is our pleasure to propose materials and technologies that you can use, and to solve any problems together. Then, through research activity, we will "work" with students, teach them the attitude and rigor of work, enjoy the joy and sense of accomplishment when the results are obtained, and have the knowledge and skills to contribute to the international community. It is important to produce excellent human resources with high proof stress and high "business ability".
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our way of thinking about education and research efforts. Namazu laboratory is looking forward to working with you.