Laboratory Tour for Junior!

We are welcome to visit the Namazu Laboratory. Firstly, please contact Prof. Namazu to take an appointment.

Graduate students wanted.

We welcome graduate students join in our laboratory. For potential students, please visit the website "tayo" in detail. You can also find more information at"KUAS official website".

The Murata Science Foundation 2023, Adopted NEW!

Prof. Namazu's research theme was adopted as one of the Murata Science Foundation Research Grant 2023.

Adopters List of the 39th Murata Science Foundation Research Grant

 Tanaka Kikinzoku Memorial Foundation

In the year 2022's grant of Tanaka Kikinzoku Memorial Foundation, Prof. Namazu won "the Encouragement Award".

2022 "Precious Metals Research Grant"

Hyogo Center of Excellence Research Program to fund collaborative research

A collaborative research proposal led by KUAS Faculty of Engineering Professor Takahiro Namazu as a project leader (specializing in nanomechanics, nanotechnology, and functional materials), have been adopted the public offering research of "Applicative Stage Research/Only One Technology Field" of "The Hyogo Prefecture Advanced Technology Research Project (COE Program; Center of Excellence Project) in 3rd year of Reiwa.

COE Program(➡PDF)

EVENT on August 2023

Innovation Japan 2023

"Daigakumihonichi2023~Innovation Japan" will be held in the Tokyo Big Sight on August 24-25, 2023.

Namazu laboratory research theme was selected as one of the Universities Seeds Exhibition.

Research Title: 銀ナノ粒子と酸化銅ナノ粒子による低温多層焼結接合技術(Takahiro Namazu)

EVENT on August 2023

2023 JSEM Annual Conference on Experimental Mechanics

"2023 JSEM Annual Conference on Experimental Mechanics" will be held at the Wakayama Jo Hall on August 29-31, 2023.

Namazu laboratory, we will make an oral presentaion and Prof. Namazu will be a chairman in one of oral session.

"バンドル単層CNTの引張強度に及ぼす化学処理の効果", Presenter: Takahiro Namazu

OS03–1 新しい機能性材料探索の最前線とマイクロ・ナノ領域物性計測技術 (1) Chairman:Takahiro Namazu

EVENT on October 2023

 ATEM - iDICs '23

We will make five oral presentaion and one poster presentaion in the ATEM- iDICs' 23.

Oral presentaion title and presenter

"Effect of chemical treatment on strength of bundled single-walled carbon nanotubes", Ryunosuke Kobayashi

"Application of Al/Ni heat treatment to sintered Ag die attach assemblies for reliability of power devices", Hiroya Saegusa

"Thermal annealing effect on mechanical characteristics of FIB processed Si nanowires", Masao Torii

"Effect of CuO nanoparticles inclusion on mechanical reliability of sintered Ag die attach assemblies", Ryota Fukuda

"Tensile mechanical characteristics of CuO nanoparticles contained sintered Ag films at intermediate temperatures", Ryoma Takeshima

Poster presentaion title and presenter

"Influence of Mg composition on tensile mechanical characteristics of sputtered AlSiMg films at intermediate temperatures", Michiko Shindo

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"Tell us Teacher" 
Professor Namazu: The Fascinating World of Atoms
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The Capstone Program 
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Research Highlights 
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2023.09.07  NEW!
Gathring in Nagoya

2023.09.07 NEW!
The MES 2023

2023.09.06 NEW!
The JSME Annual Conference 

2023.08.30  NEW!
2023 JSEM Annual Conference on Experimental Mechanics 


3D Nano Processing

Wet etching, Dry etching, Sacrificial layer etching, FIB ion doping, Silicon nanowire, Actuator, Comb like structure, Ratchet.

Nano Mechanics

Carbon nanotube, CNT, Single-walled carbon nanotube, Tensile test, EBID, FIB, SEM, Micro fork, In-situ, Chirality, Probe.

Micro Mechanics

Silicon oxide(SiO), Si nanodot, Electron beam, MEMS, Raman spectroscopy, Tensile test, Fatigue test, Bonding strength test, Nanowire. 

Exothermic Materials

Al/Ni multilayer film, Al bonding, Crack control, Self propagatiing exothermic function, Zeta potential, Metal nanoparticles, Porous particles.